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Friday 15 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - A Sonnet Love Spasms for NaPoWriMo poetry

NaPoWriMo today’s prompt honors The Sonnet - Shakespeare’s sonnets in particular tend to develop along these lines: a question is posed, discussed, and then answered. It’s an essay in 14 lines.

So am I weak at my knee, to stand I try
My heavy head spinning, collapsing networks
Like football my eyes give and go, balls wry
Blinding my eyesight, with a sighing remark

Within my mind, I memorized things to say
Now I find my mouth gulping for words astray
Iambic heart beats of lup-dup, lup-dup sway
Where no meters of scale measures its way

And butterflies in stomach struggling ways out
By pushing and pulling the tubular parts in tens
For the work of all emotions mix'n matching now
Which alters the tempests to override into one

Oh!Love, Still here, I stand brave before you true
To tell you a three letter word "I Love You"

A to Z Challenge - the letter " O" : Omnipotent,Omnipresent and Omniscient ,Oh the Omnis

Never abolished
Omni potent and present
"Omniscient Love"

Project :
The Whispering Dewdrops -A To Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo


  1. I love you - a three word letter, perhaps!

    Nicely done!!

  2. My favorite lines, "Iambic heart beats of lup-dup,lup-dup sway//Where no meters of scale measures its way" Well done!

  3. Loved the iambic heartbeats, Uma. Really lovely work. Amy

  4. I would like to try one someday, this is a nice rendition of the form :)

  5. I felt every lup dup and butterflies in this poem. It is a poem we can all relate to, yet you wrote it in your own unique style.
    Well done, Uma.

  6. Love evokes a strange and wonderful essence throughout the heart, soul, and mind. Sometimes, even the body. Excellent job!

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    Happy blog hopping,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  7. This is wonderful! I really enjoyed reading it.

  8. Such beautiful imagery. This was powerful and lovely.

  9. There's no greater feeling than love. I quite like your way of expressing it.

    Nicely done!

    I'm here:
    On This Orange-Hued Day

  10. I like your "O" words. They would be good to write on my "God Rocks"!