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Wednesday 13 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - Memories (M) NaPoWriMo poetry

NaPoWrimo 's prompt is to Spend a few moments examining an old photograph—a found image, a photo from childhood, an iconic shot from history—and give it a title along with A to Z Challenge of letter "M" - MEMORIES

An Iconic Shot from History

Memories of the PAST

The memories of the 80's come haunting back
collecting the holiday scenes on my countryside
the melody of the quills , birds fluttering around
with the breeze and the leaves ,they smack

The green pond where we catch fish in bulk
catching and letting them go one by one
Those  banyan swings adores our play
where  we spend days exchanging talks

Walk into the woods, getting lost straight
and then trying to find a way back home
Playing monkey jump on a pile of straw ,
 crying and scratching our bodies at night

Cotton stalks bursts out the white sponge slow
making artificial snowfall covering the streets
The flocks of sheep moving back to home,
a time informing us to bid goodbye for now

The people in village always flock together
sharing their duties with smiling face
No gadgets were there to take the place of
a person's space and time for each other

Thoughts are sweeter with each passing day
staring at the old back and white picture
resting on a special place on the album
Oh huh, such sweet memories are they !

Those places I mentioned (the way it used to be ) are not now but still some of those memories came haunting back when I started writing this poem .The OLDEN days are still the GOLDEN days :)

I did'nt use any old photos here because they are safe in India and I am here in UK.Remember they are old photos and they are not in digital format.Maybe in near future ,I will upload them for you .

The poem reminds me of the olden days where we used to visit our grandma's house in Paloor.We had a blash and splash in the water there with all in the above poem .I have another grandma's telling her story with..... " Long long ago,we did this and that ...Maybe ,I too will recall these days (blogging) poetries in UK sitting on the sofa bedside the big glass door facing the backyard as a Golden day somewhere in 2020 .

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  1. The cotton and sheep images made me smile.

    Glad your pre-digital pictures are all well and safe, even tho many mnay miles away. They will be excited to be reunited with you, I can tell! :)


  2. Your 80s memories are very different than mine, but they sound wonderful and idyllic.

    Tossing It Out