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Tuesday 19 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - Royal Wedding (R) poetry and Mother Haiku

The Alphabet Challenge "R" stands for "Royal Wedding" dedicated to Prince William and Kate Middleton and also for overheard conversation of NaPoWriMo's prompt.Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, which has been declared a bank holiday in celebration.
A Gift for the Royal Wedding

Celebration 2011,the Royal Wedding
A gift from the heart , poetry blessing
A Prince born with a silver spoon
Going to get married to a beauty soon
Knight in Horses guiding their way
Maiden in white dress sing and they sway
Celebration 2011,the Royal Wedding
A gift from the heart , poetry blessing
There comes the Princess dressed as an angel
Carrying all hearts in love with her magic spell
A day in history , spell-bound all over Britain
Bethored together, a fairy tale ending
Celebration 2011,the Royal Wedding
A gift from the heart , poetry blessing

These Haikus is for " Thanksgiving of Krislen's "  and for NaPoWriMo 's prompt "a portrait poem"

Footprint beside mine
Like a Guardian Angel
Holds all, My Mother

No Thanks is enough
For all she did to protect
I now stand in debt

Mom, here Still I Thank you ! Can I ever repay you ?

The Whispering Dewdrops :NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge


  1. awesome
    I always wonder, Uma u r great

  2. Wow... as always, you never failed to add the touch of your gift in poetry in all topics... Awesome!!!

    And, the Haiku, it is touching, making my eyes misted... Lovely spoken of a love and thanks...

  3. the first haiku...hate to say it but i am so over the royal wedding already...

  4. Your portrait haikus are a sweet tribute!

  5. Brilliant! I loved both the Haiku and the Royal wedding one!:) Happy One Shot:)

  6. Nice's a lovely poem that can touch our heart. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. HAve a great wednesday!!

  7. I'd like to be royal just for a week.

    I hear the Queen has her own Royal cow, milked each morning and she gets the best and freshest of cream for her crumpets.

    I may take a peek at the telly Friday just to see her dress!!


    (And did I really write "telly" I'm American. Well, Canadian, same diff.)


  8. Both are wonderful tributes, but I especially like the one for your mom. I must admit I'm excited about the royal wedding, too, though. ;)

  9. i so loved this post !! truly awesome !

  10. Being such an Anglophile, of course I watched the wedding. It was perfect and so very different from Charles and Dianas which I also watched. The poem is quite a tribute and all the rhymes work. Thanks for linking. Gay

  11. debt to a parent
    is only recompensed to
    next generation


    Dig your haiku! :D

  12. totally loved Royal wedding. stayed up all night to watch it. nice poem

  13. A fairy tale never ends. Good Effort! I like rhythm poems :)