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Saturday 16 April 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - Poetry ( P )NaPoWriMo poetry

The letter " P ", the 16 the letter of the alphabet for April 16th represents "POETRY" ,an HAIKU

Duh |Dum |Duh |Dum |Duh |Dum |Duh |Dum |

Each word plays its part
Resonance in  Poetry
Savors Five senses

The Twins for the NaPoWriMo prompt.I wrote this one in just few minutes,mainly concentrated on Rhyming and this is a free write about "The Twins"

Twins are Everywhere
Whether mean or fair
Day and Night
Wrong or Right

Man and Women
Their Daughter and Son
They Take and Give
Both Positive and Negative

Mother and Father
Sister and Brother
Though Happy or sad
In times Good or Bad
Friends or Enemy 
In days , Cold and Sunny
With Birth and Death
Summarizing Fact or Myth

English Antonyms or Synonym
Maths 's Subtraction or Sums 
These are only few samples
Yet there are more examples
We got to agree about the Twins
With what the Earth will never spins
Rotations North and South
In Universe Rough or Smooth
About the axis East or West
Always Twins pair are regarded the Best

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  1. Very nicely crafted! I enjoyed my first visit to your site. :-)

  2. smart one...
    you are super talented.

  3. Fun to read. Like the line "savors five senses"

  4. oh its so simple and awesome. much loved.

  5. simple words speak a lot, your poem was a cutie pie.

  6. Loved your Haiku, resonance in poetry... fabulous!

  7. this is truly a brilliant post! indeed, poetry caters to all five senses.