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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Puddles - a painted poem

The above picture prompt from The Mag and using prompts from Poets United 
Jagged/Smooth  & Lack /Abundance . 

As translated from the Tamil poem I wrote above for the same 

On the jagged path of my eyes
like an eyelash you crossed
making smooth foot prints
to build up deep Puddles

On the surroundings that lack life
I see inside my eyes ,
Abundance of growth...
Are they the product of the tears you sowed ?

Is it true that  "A failure is the stepping stone for success " ? Whatever your answer maybe , it is only you who holds the determination to make the Vice-Versa - Failure to Success 


  1. Beautiful...I like the notion of being an eyelash...

  2. I love "like an eyelash you crossed", and "abundance of growth" - growth is so often the product of pain and tears. Lovely!

  3. Love love love this poem!!!

  4. I find the photo intriguing. Tears can definitely nurture growth.

  5. Very nice words!! I love how you express in an abstract way...your closing two lines are very striking and the extra thought on success and failure, I enjoyed!

  6. Making smooth foot print to build up puddles. I see the positivism in this

  7. Positive thoughts bring positive things.

  8. I also liked the eyelash as others mentioned. I enjoyed seeing the Tamil version as well as I have not seen it written or heard it spoken for that matter. The characters are so lovely.

  9. Interesting metaphor with a message of hope. Reminded me of Michelangelo seeing Angel in the stone. I think the Tamil would have been better but the beauty was lost in my struggle to decipher the Tamil script.

  10. @Tess Kincaid @Tess Kincaid @insanebloom @Victoria @Hannah @Kodjo @daydream -Thank you .I'm glad you loved it

  11. @Peggy - Agreed!! Tamil versions are unique in its style giving each letter a notion of its presence

    @TheFool - True !Actually when I interpreted the image, words in Tamil flowed suddenly from nowhere .And when I translated the same, I did get a wonderful picture of the same .Yet I liked the Tamil one better .

    I deciphered it with Failure that has the fire and pressure to stimulate the success (Being a writer ,I hope you can understand it well)

  12. those first two lines...also that you did it in tamil and then translated it....very cool touch...

  13. சிறந்த கவிதை .வாழ்த்துகள்