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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Healthy Care , Wealthy Hair !


Healthy Care , Wealthy Hair !

Warning ! they gave straight 
Something was not right
Hands reach out to my hair
Itching and Scratching
To a point I can't bear

Beset , they tumbled
Hairfall happened
as I brush my hair with comb
Clutching its teeth, detached ones smirk
Making me jump with a jerk

Slowly dandruff erupts the surface
Like earthquake, scales flakes
Dryness has invaded my scalp
Initiating the itching back
Thinning my stems with split hairs
Making me more vulnerable to care
I have to restore its balance
Assembling things of Importance

Alternating Shampoos made problems worse
I had nothing to do but just curse
Leaving me in perplexed silence at last
Slowly reviving memories of the past

" Eat Greens, Carrot and Beans
And use lukewarm water to clean
Eat two Egg Yolks a day
Try the yellow on head some day
Use Hibiscus , Aloe Vera and Milk
They make your hair shine like silk
Apply oils everyday to moisture your hair
These routine makes your hair, a sure care"  
These voices sounded inside my head
The words that my Parents and Elders said .

A last try , I finally made
And realised the truth that stayed
Today I have crossed thirty plus
I have no complains nor do I fuss
Except for the silver threads that peeps about
Yearning to scream my age out
No dyes I use to color my hair truly
For I chose to Age Gracefully 

Hairs, still an important body part
Have their own unique age chart
Growing along with us, thick and thin
Protecting and Nourishing our skin
Sluggish when down and Shining as they grin
Hairs predicts our Health from within

I am pleased to write a poem
about an Healthy Care
that delivered me a Wealthy Hair
...and that was the end of my hair problems!

Men loves Women who takes pride in looking after themselves be it in the way they dress, their approach to a problem, being a solution provider and by the way she ties up her hair , clean and neat  .A little of primping and preening she does makes her hone her personality as well as boosts her self-esteem.

They always feel that there is a pleasure when their girl's hair brush their face invoking a soft love in them.May be that's why Men mostly prefers Women with long hair with a tangled or a cascaded look which adds to a women's femininity. Adorning them are the flowers and embellishments making Hairs , a symbol of beauty.Bridal Hair - makeup are an essential in every marriage existing from decades till now.Such importance is given to the Hairs .To have a beautiful hair is no secret now as we see lots of products and ads on the same that promises for a better hair.Even lots of natural hair remedies have been published .We need only one thing - Time to spend caring for the Hair.

In today's scenario of extreme climatic changes , pollutions and development of new diseases, Hair  do gets affected easily. Being the shield for our skin and scalp , they are the ones that are afflicted first.Sun, on the other hand damages our hairs so easily that it fades our hair colour, creating dry and brittle hairs with split ends that easily breaks of.So it is necessary to take care for our hair.The below are few things that have proved to be beneficial for hairs .

Using Shampoos with SPF
Hairs like our body soaks up some heat from the summer sun leading to dehydration.Extreme heat are vulnerable to the hair causing it to dry and making it brittle.So using products that has UVA and UVB filters will help protect hair from the sun’s harmful rays.A little SPF in shampoos would always be better to protect my hair.

Shield the Hair
We tend to use stylish sunglasses to protect our eyes from the UV rays and other harmful rays from the Sun.Similarly, our hairs on our head also needs to be covered from the hot sun.Wearing a big floppy hat when I am outside esp.on summer helps protect both my hair and my face. I always plait my hair into a bun or tangle them with a hair-band on harsh weathers to minimize the attack of my hair to half .

Apply ample Oil to the Hair
I have made this a weekly routine - a Grandma's home remedy .Applying Oils especially Coconut oils is proved to help growth of my hair since it nourishes the scalp from deep within.A simple massage with oil during head bath helps the circulation of blood throughout the head which in turn makes hair long and strong.It also protects the hair from dandruffs which occurs due to dry scalp.

Minimise Caffeine Intake and Say No to Alcohols.
Research has showed that persons who frequently drink caffeinated products or alcohols tend to have their hair aged soon.Caffeine consumed via food and beverages enters your bloodstream, and eventually reaches your hair follicles (as researched by Livestrong ).A little caffeine is beneficial for promoting hair growth but excessive intake of caffeinated products delivers our hair to age soon . Avoid Alcohols too since we have known of its side-effects already.

Maintain Moisture
Exposing the hair to Sun breaks down the hair's protein 'keratin' which is the building block of the hair.Using a deep conditioning treatment with protein or keratin helps keep the damage by the sun to a minimum.Vitamin E which encourages blood circulation to the scalp area when combined with a high quality leave in conditioner makes your hair silky soft, manageable and non greasy.Always use lukewarm water for your hair.

Maintain an Healthy Diet
Healthy diet is always a part of every Mom's menu.A lot of greens , fruits and vegetables helps restoring hair to good health.Salmon , Carrots, Nuts, Drumstick leaves, Eggs, Milk ,Fish , Broccoli and Spinach are best for initiating hair growth.Drinking more water helps hydrate both the body and hair thereby preventing it from dehydration.

Invest in a good hairstylist
Your hair is your entrance slip to a beautiful face.Hairs can be arranged to give a differet outlook using combs, a blow-dryer, gel, or any other hair products.Different styles include Bun, Bob cut , Cornrows, Crop, French braid, Pigtails, Ponytails and more.Never try shy to experiment your Hair with different looks or colors.

Know your Hair
In the market , there exists different types of medications and shampoos for different hair problems.Like a doctor prescribing a certain medicine to a particular problem , one should be hair aware to know which solution works best for his or her hair.Unless the right medicine is in place, even the best brands never give the desired results. Always stick to a routine, update your feel of the hair and stay hair aware.

I have been following the above steps as my hair care routine and thanks to the Hair -Aware app by Dove that made me understand my hair. I was made Hair aware and chose the product that works right for me followed by healthy diet .My Hair's choice was Dove Hair Fall Rescue .Today , I am very happy of the results achieved since there is  no more worries of hair falls or dandruff .... and that was the end of my hair problems!

In a Nutshell
Click the Image for Bigger Picture

From Tangled to Brave
For their Hair, I'm a slave
Blonde or Brunette
Hairs portray a vignette
Some time Short, Some time Long
Hairs dance to the breeze song
Some time Straight, Some time curly 
They sure make me feel Girly 

The above post is my entry to " ....and that was the end of my Hair Problems " in response to Dove hair-aware app  by Indiblogger .Wish me luck for the Contest through my entry post here :)

THIS POST IS THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST  " ....and that was the end of my Hair Problems "


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    @kritika - Thanks to all.I have put in my best efforts and time to impress the judges ...hope that it will be rewarded :)

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    Yes,Elders mostly parents are the shadow providers of their children.I must hat-off to their words and motivation they gave me always.From them, I pass it to my children too :)

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