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Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Library

The Light grew brighter
making them appear glossyflossy
The morning has woke them fresh

Books were arranged on their rackcot ,
Seamlessly beautiful .
They stay clinging together
finding peace with their same flesh
until the tentacles clutched them in between.
The door has opened  .
Bookworms came in and out
Picking and Embedding them back
Few tossing them around , flipzflap
Here , There and Somewhere 
Up O'down they swing 
between hands, laps ,wood and leathers  
Till their owner find a comfortable place.

The room was getting tanned
It was time for them to relax
The tentacles finally released them
Shoving them as they departed ...

One book had a story of 
how he felt the breathbreez
and the other shared of  how he met
 the drizzles with words through and this
The third said of thunder storm,
Being crushed between the little fingers.
The Fourth came to them half torn.
And few parted to a new home.

The Time has come to an halt
Books were again back in place
On their Rackcot for rest-time
Seamlessly arranged ...

The above poem is the product of "Neologism" which is defined as a newly coined term, word, or phrase, that may be in the process of entering common use, but has not yet been accepted into mainstream language.

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  1. oo the word rackcot....and breathbreez....haha...and i love books so a tale of books is right up my alley...smiles...

  2. Great response to the prompt. I enjoyed it..

  3. I'd love to visit that library with all its fascinating language. I enjoyed how you highlight how different authors frame experience through words revealing their writer invariant.

  4. ha...i always thought there were things going on in libraries that we have no clue of...nice the breathbreez and glossyflossy...

  5. Breathbreeze took mine away! Lovely write.

  6. Wonderful! I love books (and work in a library; those books do take on lives of their own). Glossyflossy is perfect & i love breathbreez too. Thank you.

  7. This si fun to read. Your wonderful wordplay with the books and their daily life made me smile lightly. What a joy to think our books have that place in our lives too.

  8. i like the room was getting tanned. it really made me think...cuz usually, the sun has the opposite effect on furniture, upholstery etc... it fades it, so the fact that it gets tanned is soooo anthropomorphic, it's very thought inducing

    bonus track

  9. A fantastic response to the prompt, a well constructed write.

  10. this was quite a fun read and re-read. love the way you softly weave the nonsense with sense. so seamlessly arranged!

  11. You can always tell a book lover when they write. Sweet glossyflossiness.

  12. A genuine personification of books - complete with contents. They are loved, they are under attack, they are corresponding with their neighbors. It's like playing with dolls (who imaginably come to life when the child goes to sleep). Very clever; thank you!

  13. This was really good! Fresh, startling, really enjoyable!

  14. Not much of a poetry person, but I enjoyed the images you created because the subject is something close to by heart.

    A library .... when I am in one its like being in a shrine.

    I love books.

    Amazing to visit the blog of a published and accomplished blogger. There is a lot I can learn from you.

    Best wishes.


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