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Sunday, 10 June 2012

I like getting dirty again - poem for real souls :)

Books, papers and Magazines
In and out
and all about

Stuffed into head
Painted eyes red

She hungs on the door knob
the mask she wore
No more I want to look
pretended or
act smart

I have had my share of small fame
so lame , it went and came

I smile when someone barks
I stay calm as life gets dark

just a day

I am what I am
messed up
freaked out , no doubt
to show my true self out

I like getting dirty
It made me free
It's me
the real she
for tomorrow again
I need my mask to hide away the stains

~ ~ ~


  1. For a moment there is thought perhaps you found a bit of freedom from that mask…being tired of the fame and willing to get a bit dirty…but then in the end you need it again…they are hard to let go…smiles…

  2. Lyrical...this is begging for some music...


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