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Saturday 12 May 2012

Wild Imaginations !

I wanna live inside a Tree, Mommy
Please do tell me how to build one
Oh!are you talking about Tree house,Honey
We can find them on the wild forest , my son
This was my Mommy's  answer
but I seeked something better

No Mommy, I am talking the real one
See, a real house inside a tree, 
Oh!how wonderful it would be
To have a house deep down the tree
The other side of the world I would see
And learn about the wonders created around me
I started to sing and strolled around my garden
With my wandering mind and my mouth organ

I wonder where do the rabbits hunts
and finds their sweet orange carrots
I want to explore the marvellous merits
that made the seeds grow with strong fronts
I have also read about the pirates living in the sea
hunting for treasures in lands and in trees
If the insects and birds can make home on trees
Why cannot I build one just  for me

As I sang , suddenly my head started to spin
And I saw what I could never imagine
I saw tall magnificent door on a tree 
I pushed myself in and led myself free
I slided down by some strange stairs
And deep deep down ,I flew on air
Monsters snore, I guess they are asleep
I ran , I ain't no dinner they would keep
As I crossed them, a  weird pathway evolved 
which had the snakes and ladders riddles to solve 
That's my luck , I finally passed my test of strife 
which lead me to the weirdest thing of my life
In front of me, stood a beautiful house
where I was sleeping tugging my blanket close
I slowly went near and touched my head
And that's the last thing that I had did

I awoke from a wild wild dream I ever had
That made my  imaginations to thread
Oh! How I wish again to see inside of the Tree
Stroke my imaginations wild , Break me Free!

-for Poetic Pub on dversepoet "Wild Things  or Children's Wild Imaginations".


  1. A nice imaginative take ~ I like seeing the tree from the child's eyes ~ And that picture is cool ~

  2. ha...what fun that would be to live in a tree or travel its root to see where they the imagination of a child...great take...

  3. This is so nice I really like this one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your writing drew me right in to this space of childhood imaginings, Great work and I love your image of the house inside a tree!

  5. oh i would love to live in a got me dreaming a bit with this one...nice..

  6. the picture at the end was surprising, but totally fit

    when do we stop being a child

  7. Really enjoyed reading this.
    Thank you for joining the wild rumpus!

  8. What a cool poem and great picture. Your dream seems a bit more than dream! There are still times when I wish I could find a tree to live in. I enjoyed this and it brought back sweet memories of dreams and excursions in woods and forests, of both dream and my real town.

  9. lovely has a fairytale quality to it..lovely pic too!