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Sunday 20 May 2012

Newspaper Poem

Newspaper Poems : I found this to be an interesting and innovative way of creating poems. A Newspaper is bound to have vast topics and selective words.And to write a poem out of it, you have limited access to words and also are exposed to new words that might find interesting places in your poem.You don't even know how your poem is going to turn out.And the final outcome of you poem really surprises you .

Inspired by Poet Austin Kleon who invented this form of poetry  using newspaper articles from the New York .He used the New York Times as an unique canvases for creating his verse which led him to be a famous Newspaper blackout poems ( this is where he used to strike the rest of the words with his black pen that don't form the poem).This is very unique that ,we have no options to interchange the words (I will post the same later in this blog).The below is what I did to make out a Newspaper Poem

  1. Take a Newspaper and circle down the words which sounds interesting to you on it.
  1. My Newspaper 
  2. Now , cut the circled words from the newspaper and keep aside.
  3. Then, carefully arrange them into neat sentences 
  4. Now, your are ready to make your own Haiku or Rhyming patterns or even any other form of poetry
  5. Finally take your camera and click your the picture of your poem
  6. The Output

This is what I came up with surprised me though ;)

Children , I  find likes to play with puzzling around the paper and this type of poetry arrangement or say game will expose kids to poem and new words.The newspaper acts as a scaffold and Children with can the words  directly in their poem. They would find this technique worth exploring including those who want to explore poetry forms ...Yay! I enjoyed it really :)