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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Life as it goes...

You and Me
Chosen among Lot
Kismet sealed

Showered Life through Birth 
To Nourish and complete us
Through Kismet , Our Child  

Well, from the above two Haiku's (former 3-5-3 and latter 5-7-5 ) you can clearly see that I supported Kismet aka Destiny for I believe in Rebirth , Love and Positive thinking/energy .My belief is not something I do it for an excuse or as an escape but to accept Life as it goes .

Destiny is like the Rain 
Hard work & Patience are similar to an Umbrella 


  1. yeah i too believe on kismat ..
    its after all kismat connection na

  2. nice...i like th second much as it carries us through beginning to end...nicely done...

  3. This one was in a different league alltogether!

  4. Excellent..very nicely written. Thank you,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  5. Definitely a philosophical bent to your poetry.


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