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Friday 28 November 2014

A Profile Named "Arjun"

The screen in front of me shone brightly with the words “Bharat Matrimony”. It has been a day that I had created my profile on their website. And requests have already started pouring in.

But, I was busy typing something from my mobile on to the search bar.

Profile ID: xxxxxx


Arjun. He had called me in my mobile that afternoon in my office and introduced himself.

He said he liked my profile in Bharat Matrimony and gave his profile ID telling me that if I was okay with his profile, he could ask his parents to speak to my parents.

After that talk, I felt nervous and at the same time wanting to see his face. He sounded soft and well mannered.

That evening,

My heart was pounding fast. It seemed ages for the website to load.

And in a flash, his profile appeared on the screen

My sister who was standing nearby looked his profile closer and said,” Damn, he looks good but something is missing. Do you like him?”

For a moment, I was silent. Then I replied, “Yes, but those stubble…"

She chuckled, "Yes, It looks like he had a love failure or something.”

I pretend to be cross and said, “It does not mean that I hate stubble. It is not well trimmed to suit his personality.”

Suddenly, my mobile beeped and I saw a message from him, “Am I okay?”

Without a second thought, I messaged him. There was no reply. And I was blaming myself.

Next day, there was a reply from him asking me to see his profile again.

I rushed to my laptop. Arjun had updated his profile.

The well groomed face in the profile, without a word told that he was already in love with me. So am I.

----------------> Good Impression = Better chances for Arjun <----------------------

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"An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man's chance to make a good impression." 

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    1. True when falling for good looks and soft talks :)

  2. Glad that Arjun quickly updated his profile.
    Hi Uma,I have tagged you here : Lost Election in School Due to Stubble and hope you will acknowledge my tag.

  3. Thank you Uma for accepting the tag and tagging me back. I shall acknowledge it soon :)

  4. Hi, I have tagged you in my post Diary Confessions - 8 for BlogAdda #WillYouShave activity. I hope you will accept it.