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Monday 12 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day !

happy mothers day

You feel blessed whenever I smile
And for every tear drops of mine,
you suffer in  silence
Every time I evolve in this life,
you were proud of my achievements
And you always stay beside me
consoling whenever I'm desolated

You help me to move forward
And you follow suit
to my every footsteps
Just to catch hold of me
if I may fall down

What shall I do Mom?
Just like a root of a plant
you happen to react with my every moves
that I harbor in this environment

Maybe because of this reason
I cannot have just this one day to thank you
A Happy Mothers Day
but I do need a countless lifetime

- the above poem is the translation of what I have written in Tamil


  1. What a lovely poem Uma! Really, our mothers have sacrificed a lot for us! Oh, yes! They are like roots of a plant that are the hidden power...

    The Arts & Me